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About Aryavartha Auto Crafts

Team Aryavartha is synonym for Quality, The objective of the company is challenging the statuesque and make technology edge products in Cleaning & Maintenance Industry.Team Aryavartha operates in two verticals, One is Aryavartha Mechanized Cleaning Solutions -Where we cater cleaning equipment for various Industrial applications. Second Aryavartha Autocrafts- Deals with Auto Maintenance Tools & Equipment.

Aryavartha Autocrafts deals complete Auto Maintenance Tools & Equipment with assured technical & service support, we offer wide range of workshop equipment for customers that have been procured from trusted vendors across the globe. Aryavartha car washer is one of the best vehicle washer available in India, wheel care & other Garage tools ,equipments are best in its class. Aryavartha Auto crafts provides out & out garage solutions by providing customized floor sketch, equipment sketch, wiring diagrams, pneumatic linings. We undertake turnkey workshop projects for new start ups or up gradation of existing workshops. 'you show us the place.. We will make it plug & use " with strong service support.

Aryavartha Mechanized Cleaning Solutions (MCS) ENERGY,WATER & LABOUR COST s are challenges facing by cleaning & maintenance Industry, we address all three and give you water saving, energy efficient minimal labor solutions, we also working less detergent cleaning solutions with our steam & floor cleaners, Our Specific products for Hospitals, Hotels, Malls, City Corporations, Food, Pharma, Solar, Transportation & Dairy Industries are application based and eco friendly , Our product range includes pressure washers, Steam cleaners, automatic scrubbers, vacuum sweepers, professional and industrial vacuums, pure water cleaning systems, window cleaning tools, screen washers, extractors,.

Company Profile

Aryavartha team have a challenging strategy and also thinking differently.
Aryavartha journey began when its founders started showing their passion in the automotive industry towards giving great services for the people. We use the Innovative equipment in Mechanized Cleaning Products and Auto Maintenance Products. We are specialized in providing Steam Cleaners, Vacuum Cleaners, Pressure Washers, Scrubber dryers and sweepers etc.

Our Vision

Aryavartha Autocraft provides qualified services with state-of-the-art technological courage. Innovation, efficiency, quality and concern for safety are the cornerstones of the company's operations. Aryavartha have an experience from 2009 in the industry combined with a passion for excellence helps the Company deliver better every time.

Our Mission

Aryavartha intends to be the most popular automobile fabricator of choice for customers all over India, Our Mission is to bridge the technology gap between countries.
Our mission to make the world better place to live in by feature ready equipment